Gruesome twosome, The (Something Weid Video)



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One of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ most weird and wonderful films, The Gruesome Twosome saw a return to form for its director after a short diversion into less gory (and less commercially successful) celluloid territory.
Mrs Pringle’s Little Wig Shop is a family business specialising in hairpieces crafted from human hair. Located on a college campus, the shop is well served by the number of young women eager to change their style. But the laws of supply and demand are such that the Pringles are forced to make a few sacrifices… human sacrifices.

Wielding his trusty electric carving knife, Mrs Pringle’s son, Ronald, helps his Mom out by scalping those unfortunate enough to enquire about the room that the old lady has ‘to rent’. This outrageous, and blackly comic, movie features a truly surreal opening sequence that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll flip your wig!

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