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It’s like dreaming with your eyes open!
The guys at the office keep sneaking over to the DREAM FOLLIES at the local burlesque theater and peeking in at all the sexy strippers when – Wait! Who’s that! Why, it’s none other than Lenny Bruce, unbilled in his first screen appearance (a year before Dance Hall Racket), doing the kind of burly-q shtick he’d soon abandon as he developed into the most controversial and influential comedian of the 1950s. Aiding and abetting Lenny throws are his wacky real-life mother Sally Marr (Lenny throws spaghetti in her face); strip star DEENAH PRINCE; STACY FARRELL as striptease secretary; and director Phil Tucker, forever immortalized as the man who made ‘Robot Monster’! Wow.

Plus: The Dream Theme continues with Miss Justa Dream, ‘Burlesque’s New and Brightest Star,’ and her DREAMLAND CAPERS. Along for the bump and grind are Valetta (‘The Toast of Two Continents’), Venus (‘The Body’) and Satalyte (who makes them orbit in front of our eyes). There’s also rodeo-queen Dot Hackley, crazy contortionist Jacqueline Hurley, and a guy who makes music from bottles of booze. Yow. If this is a dream, you won’t want to wake up!

Digitally Remastered!
Lenny Bruce’s Hilariously Un-PC Cartoon: ‘Thank You Mask Man’!
Lenny Bruce’s Ma, Miss Sally Marr, cameos as one of the Shocked Citizens in the phony-baloney Trailer for Liz!
Theatrical Trailers for Dance Hall Racket and Girl Gang!
Bonus Feature: Lenny Bruce, Sally Marr, Lenny’s wife, Honey Harlowe, and most of the guys from DREAM FOLLIES return to play low-grade mobsters running Timothy Farrell’s latest scam in Phil Tucker’s 1955 jaw-dropper:Dance Hall Racket
Special Gallery: Burlesque Ballyhoo and Exploitation Art!
Total Running Time: Over 3 1/2 Hours of Bruce & Burlesque!
Warning: This Program contains Burlesque-Style Nudity and The Tahititian Love Dance: Hey wakka ho, wakka ho, wakka hey, hey!

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Format: DVD
Year: 1954 1958
Color: B&W
Starring: Deenah Prince
Co-starring: Stacy Farrell
Other cast: Lenny Bruce, Justa Dream, Valetta, Lady Midnight
Directed by: Phil Tucker, Willis Kent

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