Wicker man, The (The final cut: 2 Blu-Ray+CD)

Wicker man, The (The final cut: 2 Blu-Ray+CD)



Four decades after its release in cinemas in 1973, the unique British cult classic The Wicker Man still holds an enduring fascination for audiences all over the world. In this 40th anniversary double play edition, the film is presented as The Final Cut, a version which has never before been restored and never before been seen in UK cinemas. Approved by director Robin Hardy, The Final Cut is the finest and most complete version of The Wicker Man. Featuring brand new extras, this 40th anniversary edition is every The Wicker Man fan’s perfect ending to a much mythicised search for the most complete version of the film. Having left no stone unturned in the search for the original film materials, the ghosts have now been laid to rest, as we can finally and happily confirm, that this is The Final Cut.

Bonus features:

– Blu-Ray Disc 1: The Final Cut; Worshipping The Wicker Man – Famous fans featurette; The music of The Wicker Man featurette; Interview with Robin Hardy; Trailer; Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man documentary written by Mark Kermode; Interview with Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy (1979); Trailer

– Blu-Ray Disc 2: UK Theatrical Cut; The Director’s Cut (with audio commentary); Making of Audio Commentary short film

CD Disc 3: Soundtrack

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