Best of James Bond – Original Soundtrack Themes, The (LP)


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Selections From “Dr. No” Soundtrack
James Bond Theme 1:45
Kingston Calypso 2:42
Under The Mango Tree 2:20
Selections From “From Russia With Love” Soundtrack
Opening Titles – James Bond Is Back – From Russia With Love – James Bond Is Back 2:22
The Golden Horn 2:21
007 2:41
Selections From “Goldfinger” Soundtrack
Golden Girl 2:05
Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement 3:03
Selection From “Goldfinger” Soundtrack
Bond Back In Action Again 2:29
Selections From “Thunderball” Soundtrack
Thunderball 4:16
Death Of Fiona 2:39
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2:48
Selections From “You Only Live Twice” Soundtrack
Fight At Kobe Dock – Helga 2:51
Mountains And Sunsets 3:06
Bond Averts World War Three 2:12

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