Piero Umiliani | Angeli Bianchi, Angeli Neri (7″)


Another Piero Umiliani classic gets its first-ever release on 7″ vinyl! Shortly after ‘Sweden: Heaven and Hell’, in 1969 ‘Angeli Bianchi, Angeli Neri’ continued the collaboration between Umiliani and director Luigi Scattini, this time in the direction of magic and esotericism, as the English title of the film, “Witchcraft ’70”, makes abundantly clear.

The two tracks included in this release reflect that direction, which informs more or less the entire score written by the Florentine composer. On side A, the wonderful “Saudade” features Brazilian singer Maria da Penha Silva, whose hypnotic and sensual voice soars over soft percussion, as if casting a spell.

On side B, the irresistible “Macumba” sounds almost like an Amazonian ritual, something halfway between capoeira and batucada, with its driving percussion over which the mysterious wordless vocalizing of Edda Dell’Orso creates a wildly fascinating theme.

This limited edition 7″ is a genius combination of groove and magic. Don’t miss out!




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