Pee Wee Herman – Big Top Pee Wee (LP + 5 cartoline promozionali)


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Main Title
The Girl On The Flying Trapeze
Pee-Wee Flies
Happy House / Pee-Wee Had A Farm
Rise ‘N Shine
The Greenhouse
Sneaky Walk
Race To School
The Big Storm
Pee-Wee To The Rescue / Lion Problems
Where’s Midge?
Circus Parade
Sad Drive Home
Circus In The House
Happy Circus
Zsa Zsa’s Delight
Elephant Ride
The Big Kiss
Mace’s Speech
Man To Man
Psycho Winnie
I Llove You
Pee-Wee Tries / Town Spies
The Side Show
Pee-Wee’s Love Theme
Angry Mob
Big Top Finale
Pee-Wee’s Big Surprise
End Credits

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