Fantasy Film Music Of George Pal, The – Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (CD)




Atlantis-The Lost Continent14:321Russell GarciaPrologue/Main Title1:342Russell GarciaLove Scene/Submarine5:233Russell GarciaFanfare0:364Russell GarciaRebellion & Murder/Stabs/Rumbles/Madness/Justice/Miracle – Finale6:59  The Time Machine4:555Russell GarciaPrologue/Main Title2:156Russell GarciaMontage Cues1:337Russell GarciaThe Future Jungle1:318Russell GarciaFilby’s Theme – Short Version0:36  The Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao9:249Leigh HarlineMain Title2:3510Leigh HarlineApollonius1:4911Leigh HarlinePan’s Dance2:2412Leigh HarlineFarewell/Finale2:36  The Power16:2913Miklos Rozsa*Prelude2:4814Miklos Rozsa*Death On The Centrifuge4:2215Miklos Rozsa*Viva La Amour2:5216Miklos Rozsa*Transformation3:5117Miklos Rozsa*The Killer-Killed-Finale2:36  Tom Thumb1:5118Ken E. Jones*Main Title1:51  The Wonderful Worlds Of The Brother Grimm2:1419Leigh HarlinePrologue/Main Title2:14  Doc Savage – Man Of The Bronze21:1220Frank De VolMain Theme1:1521Frank De VolThe Assassin/After Him3:1322Frank De VolDoc Confronts The Assassin/Assassin Jumps4:2623Frank De VolRadio Source Music1:2424Frank De VolDoc And The Girl1:4125Frank De VolThe Journey3:4126Frank De VolFinal Confrontation2:3427Frank De VolThe Happy Ending1:0628Frank De VolThemes Song From Doc Savage – Man Of The Bronze


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