Rare & Unreleased Soundtracks From The 60s & 70s (2 Cd)




The release that collectors have been waiting for: a journey through some of the rarer songs that Ennio Morricone composed in the 60s and 70s. Some of the titles are absent from many filmographies published, including those officers. This does not mean, however, that the works in question are less interesting, as the celebrities of the music is usually linked to the success of the film and not the quality of the music itself. This double CD tries to remove the veil on these productions so far unknown and unavailable, exploring the music of thirteen films, two of which are presented here in full form: the television series “Giovanni ed Elviruccia” and “Nessuno deve sapere.” A special promotion for fans of Morricone.

Giovanni ed Elviruccia (1969)
Nessuno deve sapere (1972)

Ventimila leghe sotto i mari (1961)
I Due evasi di Sing Sing (1964)
I Marziani hanno dodici mani (1964)
Una Nuova fonte di energia (1964)
La Ragazza e il generale (1967)
Roma come Chicago (1968)
H2S (1969)
Queimada! (1969)
Giotto (1969)
Todo Modo (1976)
L’Orca assassina (1977)

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