Escape From L.A. – Original Score Album From The Motion Picture (CD – 25th Anniversary Edition)


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Escape From New York – Main Title2:092 History Of Los Angeles3:143 Fire Base Seven1:044 Snake Arrives / Deportees1:185 Snake Gets Scratched1:366 Defense Lab2:427 Snake’s Flashback1:218 Weapons / Snake’s Uniform2:179 Snake’s Escort1:2810 Submarine Launch3:1111 Sub Sinks0:4512 Mulholland Drive-By1:1113 Acid Rain / Tour Guide Sting / Snake Gets Directions1:3014 Sunset Boulevard Bazaar2:0415 Motocycle Chase2:2616 Showdown1:2817 Push On Through / Snake Takes A Breather1:2118 Beverly Hills Surgeon5:3419 I Think We’re Lost / Talisma2:2320 The Future Is Right Now / Fun Gun3:5821 Tue Black Box / Target L.A.1:5322 The Broadcast / The Coliseum3:1623 Decapitation / Game Time / The Game4:2224 Escape From Coliseum1:5525 Queen Mary / Hang Glider Attack3:3526 Helicopter Arrival2:0727 Texas Switch / Fire Fight3:5028 Escape From Happy Kingdom1:3229 Crash Landing1:4030 Out Of Time / Unused1:4531 Presidential Decree7:14  BONUS TRACK 32 J.C.‘s Blues (Source)3:05

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