Daemonia: Zombi – Dawn of the dead


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The band formed around the figure of Claudio Simonetti, composer and keyboardist of prog rock band Goblin, known for contributions to the soundtracks of the films directed by Dario Argento. Simonetti builds Daemonia project with the help of young musicians of Roman metal scene: Guitar player Giuseppe Previtali, Bass Player Federico Amorosi and Drummer Titta Tani. Since 2009 Silvia Specchio joined the band. In 2010, bassist Federico Amorosi is replaced by Silvio Assaiante.

Much of the band’s repertoire consists of themes from the Dario Argento movies soundtracks with the addition of some famous themes from other horror films such as Halloween, the Exorcist or Demons. The repertoire also includes a cover version of “Gamma”, written for the eponymous television drama by father Enrico Simonetti and the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

With the arrival of Silvia Specchio (formerly starred in the musical adapted from “Profondo Rosso a.k.a. Deep Red) the band added a few songs written by the singer and the cover version of Nemo, from Nightwish. performed at the prog festival in Los Angeles and issued in the live album “Live or Dead” and a DVD of this performance.

In July 8, 2009 at Traffic-Torino Free Festival, Daemonia performed live in Piazza C.L.N. in Turin — the same place where you play some of the major scenes of deep red. For the occasion, the band performed the soundtrack to the film, which was projected on a giant screen behind him.

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