Max Steiner ‎– King Kong (CD)


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Elenco tracce

1Main Title2:09
2A Boat In The Fog1:37
3The Island – The Railing3:32
4Jungle Dance2:34
5Meeting With The Black Men (Punia! Casco!!)3:26
6The Little Monkey Escapes1:15
7Sea At Night – Forgotten Island3:39
8Aboriginal Sacrificial Dance3:49
9Entrance Of Kong – The Sailors – Stegosaurus7:04
10The Bronte5:44
11Log Sequence1:21
12Cryptic Shadows1:47
13Stolen Love – The Cave4:40
14The Snake – The Bird – The Swimmers7:38
15The Return1:29
16“Hey Look Out! It’s Kong, Kong’s Coming!”4:50
17King Kong March3:13
18Fanfares 1, 2, 30:50
19Kong Escapes4:27
20Elevated Train Sequence2:04
22Finale (“It Was Beauty Killed The Beast”)3:0

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