Thunderbirds CD soundtrack



Elenco tracce

1Thunderbirds Main Titles1:30
Trapped In The Sky
2The Hood And London Airport3:54
3Tracy Island And Thunderbirds Are Go!3:16
4Fireflash Landing1:14
5Tracy Lounge Piano1:49
The Perils Of Penelope
6Penny In Paris2:51
7International Rescue To The Rescue1:26
8Monorail Drama2:23
The Man From M.15
9Espionage On The French Riviera2:24
Pit Of Peril
11The Pit1:20
30 Minutes After Noon
13A Night In Spoke City1:37
Desperate Intruder
15The Hood Vs International Rescue2:14
Edge Of Impact
16Evil Plan1:50
17Tower Of Terror1:09
End Of The Road
19Eddie On Tracy Island2:59
20The Rescue3:24
Give Or Take A Million
21Christmas With The Tracy Family1:52
Move – And You’re Dead
22San Miguel Bridge1:21
Operation Crash Dive
23Finding The Fireflash1:56
24KLA Collision1:28
Sun Probe
25The Launch1:12
26Heading For The Sun0:57
The Cham-Cham
27The Cass Carnaby Set1:35
28Dangerous Game1:49
The Imposters
The Uninvited
30Crashed In The Desert0:52
Vault Of Death
31The Vault2:32
32Light-Fingered Fred0:59
Path Of Destruction
33San Martino3:38
Terror in New York City
34World Exclusive Foiled1:52
35Ned Cook In Trouble1:22
36Thunderbird 41:49
37Thunderbirds End Titles1:22

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