The Prisoner – Il Prigioniero (CD)


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Elenco tracce

1Main Title Theme2:20
2N°6 Attempts Helicopter Escape1:57
3Band Marches Into Village Square

Composed By [Radetski March] – Strauss*

A, B & C
5Engadine’s Dream Party1:22
Free For All
6Mini Moke And Speedboat Escape2:53
7Cat And Mouse Nightclub Mechanical Band1:35
8N°6 Wins Village Election1:27
9Violent Capture Of N°6 In Rover Cave1:45
The General
10Professor’s Wife Outdoor Art Class0:38
11Security Clearance For Board Members0:49
12Villagers’ Examination Results Celebration2:02
13N°6 Encounters The General0:37
14Destruction And Final Report2:35
Fall Out
15Full Version: Main Title Theme3:33
Many Happy Returns
16N°6 Aboard Gunrunners’ Boat1:58
Dance Of The Dead
17Village Square Carnival Procession2:20
18N°6 Steals A Lifebelt1:44
19Escapers Attack Searchlight Tower1:56
Hammer Into Anvil
20N°2 Has N°6 Followed To The Stone

Arranged By – Elms*Composed By – Bizet*

21Farandelle Played By Village Band

Arranged By – Elms*Composed By – Bizet*

22Fight Between N°6 And N°14

Arranged By – Elms*Composed By – Vivaldi*

The Girl Who Was Death
23Village Green Cricket Match2:00
Once Upon A Time
24N°6’s Regression To Childhood2:10
25N°6’s Schooldays Revisited0:42
26Main Title Theme Reprise1:09

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