The Genius Of Riz Ortolani – Milestones In The History Of Motion Picture Music (2 CD)

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Section 1 – A Brilliant Parade Of Motion Picture Music And Famous Award Themes
1-1The Heart Somewhere Else4:19
1-2The Easy Life2:57
1-3A School Outing4:08
1-5Phantom Of Love2:36
1-6Forget Domani4:29
1-7Girolimoni’s Drama3:03
1-8Goodbye Uncle Tom2:40
1-9Confessions Of A Police Captain3:14
1-10Most Of All There’s You2:26
1-11Celli’s Theme3:07
1-12Farewell To Africa3:25
1-13Teresa The Thief3:29
1-14Anzio (This World Is Yours)2:37
1-15The Seventh Dawn3:46
1-16Cannibal Holocaust2:58
1-17Till Love Touches Your Life4:43
1-18Return Game At Christmas2:32
1-19Don’t Torture A Duck3:19
1-20The Last Minute2:55
Section 2 – Symphonic Motion Picture Music
2-1But When Are The Girls Coming?3:40
2-3The Man Of The Americas3:57
2-4The Yellow Rolls Royce3:25
2-5The Octopus4:45
2-6Brother Sun Sister Moon3:15
2-7Unforgettable Love3:15
2-8The Knights Of The Quest6:18
2-9Gran Valzer2:25
2-10Michelangelo’s Pietas3:18
2-11Michelangelo’s David2:52
2-12La Decimazione3:47
2-13Woman Time Seven5:31
2-15Chiara And Francesco2:40
2-16Mondo Cane Suite And More11:28
2-16.aMondo Cane Theme (Versione Strumentale)
2-16.bLa Marcia Delle Bagnine
2-16.cGli Squali
2-16.dLa Portaerei Americana Con Ragazze E Marinai
2-16.eMore (Versione Vocale)

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