Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – From The Original Episode The Emissary (Music From The Original Television Soundtrack) (CD)


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Elenco tracce

1Main Title1:56
2Wolf 3594:50
3The Enterprise Departs/ A New Home1:11
4Trashed And Thrashed1:59
5Bajor/ Jake/ Saying Goodbye1:45
6Cucumbers In Space1:44
7New Personality2:18
8Into The Wormhole3:41
9Time Stood Still4:14
10Searching For Relatives1:13
11Painful Memories4:21
12Passage Terminated3:45
13Back To Saratoga/ What Shields?2:00
15The Sisko Kid4:41
16A New Beginning1:47
17Main Title (Single Version)4:17
18Passage Terminated (Single Version)3:32

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