Monty Python’s Total Rubbish! The Complete Collection (COFANETTO 9 CD)


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No.1 Monty Python’s Flying Circus
1-1Flying Sheep
1-2A Man With Three Buttocks
1-3Crunchy Frog
1-4Nudge Nudge Wink Wink
1-5The Mouse Problem
1-6Buying A Bed
1-7Interesting People
1-8Barber Shop Sketch
1-9Lumberjack Song
1-11Arthur Two Sheds
1-12Children’s Stories
1-15Mr Hilter
1-16The North Minehead By-Election
1-17Me, Doctor
1-18Dead Parrot Sketch
1-19Self Defence
No.2 Another Monty Python Record
2-2Introduction (Apology) / Trondheim Hammer Dance / Liberty Bell
2-3Spanish Inquisition (Part 1)
2-4Gumby Theatre
2-7Spanish Inquisition (Part 2)
2-8Ethel The Frog
2-9Mary Queen Of Scots
2-10Spanish Inquisition (Ending)
2-11Sound Quiz
2-12Be A Great Actor
2-13Neville Shunt
2-14Festival Hall Emille
2-15Spam Sketch
2-16Spam Song
2-17Camp Judges
2-18Stake Your Claim
2-20Camp Judges (Part 2)
2-22Knees Up Mother Brown Sketch
Bonus Tracks
2-23Treadmill Lager / Dawn Of Time Music
2-24Bishop At Home (Mr. Stoddard) / Harp Gliss
2-25Court Room Sketch
2-26Undertaker (Dead Bishops On The Landing)
No.3 Monty Python’s Previous Record
3-2Are You Embarrassed Easily?
3-3Book At Bedtime
3-4England 1747 Dennis Moore
3-5Money Program
3-6Money Song
3-7Denis Moore (Part 2)
3-8Denis Moore Song (Robin Hood Theme)
3-9Australian Table Wines
3-10Denis Moore Song (Robin Hood Theme) (Part 2)
3-12How To Do It
3-13Denis Moore Song (Robin Hood Theme) (Part 3)
3-15Personal Freedom
3-16Denis Moore Song (Robin Hood Theme) (Part 4)
3-17Eric The Half A Bee Sketch
3-18Eric The Half A Bee
3-19What Do You Do Quiz
3-20Travel Agent
3-21Massage From The Swedish Prime Minister
3-22Silly Noises
3-23An Elk Sketch
3-24Yangtse Kiang Sketch
3-25Yangtse Kiang Song
3-26Massage From The Swedish Prime Minister (Part 2)
3-27A Minute Past
3-281972 Eclipse Of The Sun
3-29Alistair Cook Attacked By A Duck
3-30Wonderful World Of Sounds
3-31Certified Stiff
3-32Massage From The Swedish Prime Minister (Part 3)
3-33Happy Valley
Bonus Tracks
3-36Blood, Devastation, War & Horror / Intro & Outro
3-37The Great Debate
3-38Mortuary Visit
3-39Flying Fox Of The Yard
3-40Is There / Intro & Outro
3-41Teach Yourself Heath
3-42The Book Ad
3-43Big Red Bowl
3-44Pepperpots (Part 2)
No.4 The Monty Python Matching Tie & Handkerchief
4-1Election Forum
4-2Dead Bishops/ Rats
4-4Novel Writing
4-5Word Association
4-6Bruce’s Sketch
4-7Bruce’s Song
4-8Ralph Mellish
4-9Doctor Quote
4-10Cheese Emporium
4-11Wasp/ Tiger Club
4-13Great Actors
4-14Background To History
4-15Record Shop
4-16First World War
4-17Mrs Niggerbaiter
4-18Oscar Wilde
4-19Pet Shop
4-20Phone In
Bonus Tracks
4-22TelePrompter Football Results
4-23Radio Tuning Radio 4 – Announcer Graham Chapman/ Radio Time Announcer Terry Jones
4-24Radio Shop
No.5 Monty Python Live At Drury Lane
5-2Llamas (Including ‘Granada’)
5-3Gumby Flower Arranging
5-4Terry Jones Link
5-5Secret Service
5-7Communist Quiz (Including ‘World In Action’)
5-8Idiot Song
5-10Nudge Nudge
5-11Silly Noises
5-12Cocktail Bar
5-13Travel Agent
5-14Spot The Brain Cell
5-15Bruce’s Song
5-16Argument Song
5-17Four Yorkshiremen
5-18Election Special (Medley)
5-19Lumberjack Song
5-20Theme Song ‘Liberty Bell’
5-21Parrot Sketch
5-22Theme Song ‘Liberty Bell’ (Part 2)
Bonus Tracks
5-23UK Tour Interview Promo
No.6 The Album Of The Soundtrack Of The Trailer Of The Film Of Monty Python And The Holy Grail
6-1Introduction / Jeunesse
6-2Introduction (Part 2) / Honours List
6-3Arrival At Castle / Big Country / Homeward Bound
6-4Constitutional Peasants / God Choir
6-5Witch Burning
6-7Camelot / Fanfare
6-8Camelot Song
6-9Arthur And God
6-10Classic (Silbury Hill)
6-11French Castle
6-12Announcement / Jeunesse
6-13Apology / Jeunesse
6-14Story So Far / Sunrise Music
6-15Brave Sir Robin / Fanfare / Magic Finger / Sir Robin’s Song
6-16The Knights Who Say “Ni” / In The Shadows (No 3) / Desperate Moment / Knights Of Ni / Homeward Bound
6-17Classic (Silbury Hill) (Part 2) / Circle Of Danger
6-18Marilyn Monroe
6-19Sir Lancelot & Swamp / Love Theme
6-20Tim The Enchanter / Magenta / Starlet In The Starlight
6-21Drama Critic
6-22Hand Grenade Of Antioch / Monks Chant / God Choir
6-23Announcement (Part 2) / Jeunesse
6-24End Of Quest / The Promised Land
Bonus Tracks
6-25Arthur’s Song
6-26Documentary Terry Jones And Michael Palin
6-27Run Away Song
No.7 Monty Python’s Life Of Brian
7-2Brian Song
7-3The Wise Men At The Manger
7-4Brian Song (Part 2)
7-5Sermon On The Mount (Big Nose)
7-6Stone Salesman
7-9You Mean You Were Raped? (Nortius Maximus)
7-10Link To Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)
7-11Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)
7-12Romans Go Home
7-13What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?
7-15Brian Before Pilate (Throw Him To The Floor)
7-17Beard Salesman
7-18Brian’s Prophecy
7-19The Hermit
7-20He’s Not The Messiah
7-21He’s A Very Naughty Boy
7-22Pilate Sentences Brian
7-23Nisus Wettus
7-24Pilate With The Crowd (Welease Wodger)
7-25Nisus Wettus With The Gaolers
7-26Release Brian
7-27Not So Bad Once You’re Up
7-28Revs Salute Brian
7-29Cheeky Is Released
7-30Mandy To Her Son
7-31Look On The Bright Side Of Life (All Things Dull And Ugly)
7-32Otto Sketch
Bonus Tracks
7-33Otto Song
7-34Otto Song Demo (Python Sings)
7-35Brian Song – Alternate Version
7-36Radio Ad – Record Shop
7-37Radio Ad – Twice As Good
No.8 Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album
8-1Sit On My Face
8-3Henry Kissinger
8-5Never Be Rude To An Arab
8-6I Like Chinese
8-7The Bishop
8-8Medical Love Song
8-10I’m So Worried
8-11I Bet You They Won’t Play This Song On The Radio
8-12Martyrdom Of St Victor
8-13Here Comes Another One
8-15Do What John
8-16Rock Notes
8-17Muddy Knees
8-19Decomposing Composers
8-21Traffic Lights
8-22All Things Dull And Ugly
8-23A Scottish Farewell
Bonus Tracks
8-24Contractual Obligation Terry Jones And Graham Chapman Promotional Interview
8-25Radio Ad Obligation Promo / Fanfare
8-26Medical Love Song (Alternate Demo Version)
8-27I’m So Worried (Demo Version)
No.9 Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life
9-1Intro (The Meaning Of Life)
9-2Fish (Morning)
9-3The Meaning Of Life
9-4(Part One) The Miracle Of Birth
9-5MP Link
9-6(Part Two) The Third World (Yorkshire)
9-7Every Sperm Is Sacred
9-8Bloody Catholics
9-9Link (Martin Luther)
9-10(Part Three) Growth And Learning
9-11(Part Four) Fighting Each Other
9-12Terry Gilliam Introduction
9-13Accountancy Shanty
9-14(Part Five) Live Organ Transplants (Galaxy Song)
9-15(Part Six) The Autumn Years (The Not Noel Coward Song)
9-16(Part Seven) Death (Christmas In Heaven)
9-17MP Link (Dedication To Fish)
Bonus Tracks
9-18Intro Title Song Demo Meaning Of Life – Piano Version
9-19Alternate Intro Title Song Meaning Of Life – Band Version
9-20Fat Song – Deleted Intro To Mr Creosote Sketch
9-21Alternate Christmas In Heaven Song
9-22Radio Ad – Philisophers Corner
9-23Radio Ad – Officer / Fanfare
9-24Radio Ad – German Translation
9-25Greasy Hair
9-26Dino Viccotti
9-27Stretch The Script
9-28Grand Prix
9-29Hard Of Thinking
Monty Python’s Tiny Round Black Thing
AD.P. Gumby Presents “Election ‘74”
BThe Lumberjack Song

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