Hans J. Salter ‎– Music For Frankenstein (CD) (OFFERTA)


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House Of Frankenstein
1Main Title
2Gruesome Twosome Escape
3Dracula Restored
4Rendezvous With Dracula
5Dracula Pursued
6Dracula Destroyed
7Dan’s Love
8The Monstrosities
9Full Moon
10Silver Bullet
11Dr. Niemann Successful
12Larry At Peace
13Dr. Niemann Attacked
14Death Of The Unholy Two
15End Cast
Ghost Of Frankenstein
16Main Title
17Blowing Up The Castle
18Freeing The Monster
19Frankenstein’s Castle
20Arrival At Vasario
21Erik’s Dilemma
22Baron Frankenstein’s Dialogue
23The Monster’s Trial
24Elsa’s Discovery
25Dr. Kettering’s Death
26Igor’s Scheme
27Dr. Frankenstein’s Advice
28Searching The Castle
29Mob Psychology
30Monster Talks
31Death Of The Unholy Three
32End Cast


Recorded at the Concert Studio of RTE, Dublin on 15th and 16th Sepetember, 1992.

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