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1Ancient Roman Streets (Spirited, Carefree)2:55
2Ancient Roman Streets (Slower Version)1:17
3Vesuvian Caprice (Lively Tarantella)2:22
4Love Kills (Nostalgic, Neapolitan Melody)4:00
5French River Boats (Breezy Waltz)2:09
6Montmartre By Moonlight (Romantic Waltz)2:21
7Pigalle Streetlife (Accordion Duet)2:45
8Falling Leaves (Melancholy, French Waltz)2:27
9Yodelling Mazurka (Tyrolean/Austrian Mazurka)2:31
10Mountain High Mazurka (Uptempo, Yodel Harmonies)2:04
11Conquistador (Spanish, Paso Doble)1:24
12Kansai Spring (Japanese Ceremonial Dance)3:21
13Bonsai Garden (Traditional Japanese Theme)3:04
14Belly Dance Of Egypt (Traditional, Percussive)2:11
15Perfumed Garden Of India (Slow Sitar)4:26
16Athenian Beauty (Lighthearted, Bouzouki)1:59
17Sadness In Greece (Slow, Melancholy)1:47
18Dancing In Budapest (Lively Folk Dance)1:14
19Foolish Wives (Fast Can-Can)3:47
20Country Spit (Uptempo Bluegrass)0:34
21Jessie James (Uptempo, Male Vocals)3:19
22Jessie James (Underscore)3:18
23Hot Buster (Bluegrass, Square Dance)0:49
24Caribbean Drum Festival (Vocals, Percussive)2:27
25Caribbean Drum Festival (Underscore)1:57
26Caribbean Farewell (Vocals, Pleasant)1:55
27Caribbean Farewell (Trumpet Lead)1:52
28Samba Bamba (Vocals, Brazilian Carnival)3:20
29Samba Bamba (Trumpet Lead)3:20
30Rio Lights (Vocals, Brazilian Carnival)3:21
31Rio Lights (Underscore)2:06

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