Back to the future Trilogy (Ritorno al futuro)

Elenco tracce

Back To The Future23:55
1Back To The Future3:28
2Skateboard Chase1:45
3Marty’s Letter1:34
4Clocktower Pt. 15:22
5Clocktower Pt. 2 / Helicopter5:42
6’85 Lone Pine Mall3:43
74 X 40:54
8Doc Returns1:27
Back To The Future Part II12:03
9Hill Valley, 20154:11
10Burn The Book2:46
11He’s Gone0:44
12The Letter2:00
13I’m Back0:51
14End Logo0:19
15The West1:12
Back To The Future Part III *12:04
16Main Title3:06
18Point Of No Return (The Trains Pt. III)3:48
19End Credits4:00
Universal Pictures’ Back To The Future Theme Park Ride4:10
20Back To The Future: The Ride

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